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It may very well be that the most dangerous thing any of us does on any given day is drive our car. If you have never been in a car accident, you may be shocked when you find out how expensive, time consuming and frustrating it can be to get back on your feet and back on the road. Most of us are totally unprepared for the disruption an accident can cause to our regular routine. Frequently, people find that they appear to be all right at the accident scene, only to find themselves in debilitating pain within a day or two. Many of don’t have health insurance or disability insurance (almost half of all working Americans don’t) and don’t know where to turn to get treatment for their pain or to help pay the bills when they are out of work.

We help clients through these difficulties. We deal with law enforcement, health service providers and insurance company adjusters to help your transition back to health. We can quickly analyze your insurance coverage and the insurance coverage of the person who caused the accident and let you know what your options are. We take the time to personally explain the law so that you know what to expect. We take serious cases that other lawyers can’t or won’t.

If you have an automobile accident and you or someone you know gets hurt, call us as soon as you can. It doesn’t cost any more to get us working for you from the beginning, so there’s no reason to wait.  Call (208) 740-1669 for a free evaluation.